EAGLE Programs

EAGLE Student Mentoring, Inc. is a community-based servicing agency with youth, parent, community and mentorship programs.

  •  Youth development after-school programing

    • academic services
    • health & wellness initiatives
    • off-site field/immersion trips
  • Parent & Community engagements

    • parent resource events
    • community engagement collaborations
    • 1:1 parent consulting from academics to community resources
  • Board level Mentorships

The Board created a Junior Board Liaison (JBL) sub-committee to administer its quarterly mentoring-action projects.  The JBL sub-committee engages with aspiring community leaders and current social entrepreneurs for a mentorship.

JBL’s projects to date:

    • 2Quarter project with C.I.T.Y. Ministries – Mentorship with a youth ministry leader resulted in a school supply drive & cash donations, along with FASTENAL of Stamford, CT donating in-kind notebooks, binders and pens for the EAGLE after-school program.
    • 3Quarter project with Princeton University undergraduate students –  Intro to Entrepreneurship student group identified EAGLE Student Mentoring, Inc. as a high-impact non-profit in the local community.  Princeton students researched and surveyed EAGLE leaders in preparation for their final project of a mock funding pitch. A funding memorandum was generated by the student group for class submission.
    • 4Quarter project with a pending engagement with local MBA students for a fundraising action project, to include a fundraising comparative analysis and implementation (April 2015 start).

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